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Carving skis

Carving skis with high longitudinal and torsional stiffness. High quality materials provide maximum arc view, tenacity, and stability on any surface including stiff icy slopes.

The skis are ideal for long complete turns and are excellent for fan carving. They have a very strong rebound. The skis are recommended for skiing in the mountains for the riders of middle and high level.

— sandwich construction,
— aluminum tail-bar,
— wrapped edge
— Stone ground base structure.



 Length/Name Contact Nose Waist Tail
155 FC 143 cm 120 mm 71 mm 105 mm
155 FC v.2 143 cm 117 mm 68 mm 102 mm
163 FC
153 cm 127 mm 68 mm 108 mm
165 FC 152 cm 122 mm 71 mm 107 mm
165 FC v.2 155cm 128 mm 73 mm 110 mm
170 FC 159 cm 120 mm 73 mm 103 mm



Slalom skis


Length/Name Contact Nose Waist Tail
165 SL 154 cm 122 mm 67 mm 104 mm
165 SL v.2 152 cm 118 mm 65 mm 102 mm




All mountain skis

Length/Name Contact Nose Waist Tail
180 AM  Fiberglass 155 cm 136 mm 98 mm 119 mm




World Cup



All the technologies and materials of the top racing configuration are used in this construction. At the same time, stiffness distribution has been revised and conforms to the purpose and character of each model. Made of phenol composite the sidewalls increase torsional stiffness while Vectran increases and accelerate rebound.

Special W, F, M  high in graphite bases are used in this construction. Compared to the usual graphite bases they provide distinctly better slide.
Description of base types >

Price: 850 €  (Skis+binding)




We produce skis of two stiffness kinds: “Tourist” (M) and “Sporting” (H). If you are not sportsmen engaged in competitions you do not need sporting stiffness. It is sporting indeed, not just the sign on the skis.


 Topsheet options


Customary snowboard topsheet is white with OES logo.


It is possible to print your own picture.

Custom design of topsheet — 150 €.

Besides, we can adapt any graphic design from our library (see at the top) for the model you’ve chosen.

Adapted design from our library — 50 €.




Exclusive skis



These skis are the most glamorous product on the market today. At the same time, their sports “filling” answers the requirements of the top world cup quality: their sandwich construction has three times more sandwich layers than ordinary skis. These layers are made of expensive composite materials which in combination provide quick, sharp rebound, good grip, and stability of the turn as well as insulation against the slope shocks.

Natural red, one-piece cocobolo wood is used for the external finish. It is given multiple coats of lacquer normally used for expensive sports cars.







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